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The Sinpopo Brand was borne out of the love for Peranakan culture and cuisine, translating well into the creation of traditional gourmet food. The local food scene has undergone numerous changes with a myriad of business - restaurants included - that will have an effect on the local Peranakan heritage.

To keep the heritage alive, Sinpopo Brand is where traditional Peranakan food recipes are spruced up. We reinvent favourite local food recipes - from the popular breakfast option, Nasi Lemak, to a quintessential family pick-up, the Crab Bee Hoon.

From traditional local food to handcrafted desserts and delicacies, Sinpopo offers food delivery islandwide to accommodate your dining needs and experience.

Craving authentic and artisanal Peranakan food? Order from Sinpopo today and enjoy a taste of local gourmet food delivered right to your doorstep. 

Sinpopo Favourite Foods & Desserts | Check Delivery Options!

Sinpopo’s food menu is designed immaculately to celebrate the unique and distinct palate of Peranakan cuisine. You will notice familiar dishes like Nasi Lemak and HorFun along with flavours such as har jeong and dao jio in the menu. These dishes are reinvented with vigour and perspective to enliven and excite your palate, while serving a lovely dose of nostalgia. 

Fusion-Style Local Food Online 

The Nasi Lemak features our famous Har Jeong Kai Wings, pork belly marinated in lam yu, luncheon meat crisps, Rojak Slaw and Sambal Fish Balls. It melds the flavours of assam in onion relish with sweet ikan bilis sambal, giving you an updated twist on a local breakfast food favourite. Likewise, instead of a traditional salad, the Muah Chee salad adds an interesting spin to an otherwise plain menu.
Not sure of what to have for dinner tonight? Order your favourite local foods online and pick the delivery option to enjoy a stay-in delight. Deliveries are available across Singapore. 

Handcrafted Desserts 

These vintage desserts contain traditional flavours that are long-time favourites. Expect warm, smoky gula melaka agar-agar, creamy durian pengat and any of our kueh-flavoured cakes that celebrate the flavours of Putu Piring, Pulut Hitam and more. You can order these sweet treats to go along with our local gourmet foods online for delivery anywhere in Singapore. 

Food Delivery Near Joo Chiat 

Live in the Joo Chiat area? The good news is that Sinpopo offers local gourmet food delivery near the Joo Chiat vicinity for those feeling peckish.

Food Delivery Near Funan 

Sinpopo also delivers these delicious, tantalising meals if you live in the Funan area. Simply pick the online food delivery option and tuck into a warm treat!
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