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Revering the love for tradition and heritage of Peranakan culture and cuisine, the Sinpopo Brand is an amalgamation of classic local favourites combined with Peranakan flavours to deliver a tantalising and sensation-rich experience. An ode to Katong and its heritage, there is a wide array of savoury local food for a quick takeout in Singapore. The Katong scene may be crowded with other restaurants but our brand stays true to traditional flavours, with a twist on them!

Our aim to bring nostalgia within our dishes is achieved through the recreation of simple, yet memorable meals that are in every Singaporean’s life. We spruce up familiar dishes with hints and dashes of new flavours - modernising yet retaining the essence of Peranakan food. Alongside these local food delicacies, we also offer a premium set of handcrafted goodies and sweet treats.

Some of our popular dishes and desserts are the Sinpopo’s Nasi Lemak for 2, Crab Bee Hoon as well as the chilled pandan soufflé and gula melaka jelly. From traditional Peranakan food to premium handcrafted artisanal desserts, Sinpopo now offers takeaway food in Singapore. If you are craving some authentic Peranakan food, order takeout from our restaurants in Singapore.

Favourite Local Food & Desserts | Takeaway in Singapore

Designed to suit traditionalist and new diners alike, our menu consists of all the unique and complex flavours found in Peranakan cuisine. All the Peranakan food dishes and desserts are prepared with premium ingredients - sure to excite your palate. Not sure where to begin? When ordering take out food from us in Singapore, you can start with some of our popular mains and top it off with our best-selling plated desserts to finish off your meal.

The Sinpopo’s Crab Bee Hoon and mouth watering Har Jeong Kai Wings side is an excellent combination of savoury noodles and succulent meat for takeaway dinners. Top off the meal with the Gula Melaka Cake - a premium sponge cake layered with decadent and robust gula melaka. In the mood for good takeaway food? Order from our restaurants in Singapore today!

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Some nights are made for staying in. Your night does not have to be boring. Simply search for ‘nice takeaway food near me’ to look up our menu. Spice up dinners at home with good takeaway food in Singapore. Browse some of our finest and favourite Peranakan food selections and handcrafted desserts.

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