Father's Day 

Treat your DAD to our limited edition Caramel Chocolate Cake this Father's Day!
Glorious caramel layers with soft moist, chocolate cake and light butterscotch cream, gift the perfect dessert to sweeten up Dad's day!
  • Sinpopo Brand's coffee cookies are a staple in any home or office pantry. This pleasant creation is a definite pick-me-up at any time of the day!176g
    $18.00 Per Jar In Stock
  • Traditional Singapore style roast.For sock and filter !
    $8.00 Per Tin In Stock
  • Savour the delicious dark roast flavours this unique Black Cocoa & 70% Chocolate Chip cookie.  12 pieces per tin180g
    $19.80 Per Tin In Stock
  • Our Soba dark chocolate bar contains lightly roasted Japanese soba grains which highlights the nutty flavours of our premium 60% Dark chocolate. Furthermore, this is the first time it is sold individually, it usually comes inside a gift set.90g
    $11.80 Per Tin In Stock
  • We use only premium white chocolate and natural macadamia nuts.12 pieces per tin180g
    $19.80 Per Tin In Stock
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