Gula Melaka Kaya

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Incredibly full bodied gula melaka coconut jam with lively streaks of  gula melaka.


Shelf Life & Storage

Storage Conditions: Please keep the kaya refrigerated after opening.

Shelf Life: 7 days from date of delivery.

Ingredients & Allergens
Gluten No
Egg Yes
Dairy Yes
Soy No
Nuts No
Alcohol No
Pork/Lard No
Delivery & Self Collection
TypeTimePrice inc. GSTNote
Normal Delivery 10am to 2pm
2pm to 6pm
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Specific Delivery 10am to 11am
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12pm to 1pm
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3pm to 4pm
4pm to 5pm
5pm to 6pm
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Special Delivery Earlier than 10am
After 6pm
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Self Collection 12pm  to 3pm
3pm to 6pm
6pm to 9pm
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More Info

Enjoy a Spread of Gula Melaka Kaya

Gula Melaka and Kaya fans will love this one! A generous spread of this palm sugar delight mixed with coconut on your toast at breakfast will be one of a kind experience! 

A hit amongst our customers, we have brought together two popular traditional flavours to create the Gula Melaka Kaya! The lively streaks of Gula Melaka in the coconut jam offers a decadent dose of smoky caramel goodness that goes perfectly with butter on traditional toast. Don’t forget to top it off with a flavourful cup of kopi-o siew dai.

A Rich Tradition

A rich jam made from egg and coconut and scented with Pandan leaves, Kaya is a typical breakfast jam popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. Since the time of the British rule in Singapore, the kaya and toast combination had been a hit. It was introduced to the kopitiam culture in Singapore and Malaysia by the Hainanese Chinese who worked in the galleys of large British vessels and served kaya and toast to the British onboard. 

Fast forward to today, the Kaya toast is synonymous to the classic Singaporean breakfast but Sinpopo wants to give our locals something extra. By marrying the flavours of Kaya and palm sugar, we bring your traditional toast experience to a whole new level!

Give our Gula Melaka Kaya a try today and relish in tradition!

A Sweet Gift

Purchase a jar of Gula Melaka Kaya from Sinpopo and excite the jam lovers among your friends and family. We reckon children will love this one! Order a jar online or visit our outlets.

Pair the Gula Melaka jam with our biscuits such as our toasted coconut cookies. For the best experience, purchase any of our attractive hampers that come with all our local specialties!

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  • Gula Melaka Kaya

    Gula Melaka Kaya

    Incredibly full bodied gula melaka coconut jam with lively streaks of  gula melaka.