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  • Gula Melaka fudge layerd between moist fluffy cake, burnished with Gula Melaka and topped with crushed morsels. 6" serves ~6-8 pax (780g)8" serves ~12-16 pax (1200g)
    from $48.00
  • The King of durian, creamy Mao Shan Wang,  served between light gluten-free cake layers made purely from black glutinous rice flour.6" serves ~6-8 pax (900g)8" serves ~12-16 pax (1500g)
    from $58.00
  • A delicious rendition of the traditional dessert, with soft gluten-free black glutinous rice cake layers paired with delicate coconut cream and fragrant Gula Melaka infused black glutinous rice.6" serves ~6-8 pax (730g)8" serves ~12-16 pax (1250g)
    from $48.00
  • Expect the same burst of smoky caramel goodness with each bite, recreated with generous amounts of crushed Gula Melaka morsels and light coconut cream.6" serves ~6-8 pax (950g)8" serves ~12-16 pax (1350g)
    from $48.00
  • Sinpopo's take on the classic Kueh Dadar. A generous spread of grated coconut tossed in Gula Melaka on a bed of fresh gula cream and soft Pandan crepe sheets.8" serves ~12-16 pax (1400g)
  • Perfected, gorgeously smooth, slow-cooked fragrant Kaya custard, between blue pea flower-tinged glutinous rice cake layers.6" serves ~6-8 pax (850g)8" serves ~12-16 pax (1200g)
    from $48.00
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