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Scrumptious layers of contemporary Singapore classics made with love.
Premium and handcrafted, our cakes are perfect for any occasion!

Sinpopo Brand is all about coming up with new recipes with our inspiration being able to keep our food locally relatable. With that, we have created six unique locally inspired handcrafted cakes, available for walk-in purchases at all Sinpopo stores and online delivery (www.sinpopo.com ). They are:

  • - Gula Melaka Cake
  • - Cat Mountain Kind Durian Cake
  • - Pulut Hitam Cake
  • - Ondeh Ondeh Cake
  • - Dar Dar Mille Crepe
  • - Pandan Kaya Cake

These delicious local cakes are available in 6” and 8” inches in Singapore, perfect for group celebrations!

Read on to learn more about our handcrafted cakes in Singapore.

Handcrafted Cakes with a Local Touch

Sinpopo’s locally inspired cakes in Singapore are anything but boring. If local flavours like Ondeh Ondeh, Pulut Hitam and Gula Melaka excite your taste buds, then our cakes in Singapore will definitely give you one-of-a-kind flavours with a touch of home.

Sinpopo’s unique take on its locally inspired cakes collection are unlike the regular cakes one would find at a bakery - one can immediately identify the same familiar bold and unique flavours of each re-presented local dessert! Baked fresh using premium ingredients, each flavour packs a punch to give you the ultimate gastronomical experience.

We believe that the flavours of our history go a long way. They satisfy the taste buds of both the young and old. At Sinpopo, we want to bring back the magic of childhood days with a contemporary flair with our local cakes, while respecting the traditions of the past. Give your sweet tooth a treat with any of our locally inspired handcrafted cakes for your next celebration in Singapore, or just buy a cake and feast as a family. There is no need to have a reason just to eat cake!

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If you are craving for some mouthwatering local cakes, do visit us at any Sinpopo stores today! Locate the nearest store here.

Should you have any questions about our handcrafted cakes in Singapore, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. Click here to leave a message on our online inquiry form.

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  • This became our first bestseller when we took the simple pleasure of natural Asian gula melaka and invented a whole cake to showcase its smoky fragrance. Soft gula melaka-infused moist cake layered with fresh gula melaka fudge. If you’ve heard of the Gula Melaka Cake, it’s because we invented it! 6" serves ~6-8 pax (780g)8" serves ~12-16 pax (1200g)
    from $38.00 In Stock
  • Soft fluffy cake layers generously filled with pure Mao Shan Wang durian and light cream. As if that wasn't enough, we've topped it off with more Mao Shan Wang durian and lightly coated it with a soft cake crumb.6" serves ~6-8 pax (900g)8" serves ~12-16 pax (1500g)
    from $58.00 In Stock
  • Soft black rice cake layered between gula melaka-infused black glutinous rice coconut cream and coated in fragrant toasted coconut.6" serves ~6-8 pax (730g)8" serves ~12-16 pax (1250g)
    from $48.00 In Stock
  • Handmade luscious pandan kaya spread over blue pea flower-tinged rice cake and layered with fresh coconut cream.6" serves ~6-8 pax (850g)8" serves ~12-16 pax (1200g)
    from $48.00 In Stock
  • Dreamily soft cake coupled with gula melaka sprinkles and grated coconut elevates the humble steamed putu piring to a gorgeous new creation! 6" serves ~6-8 pax (800g)8" serves ~12-16 pax (1350g)
    from $48.00 In Stock
  • Sweet, warm and every bit delicious! Fresh medjool dates fold in to form this rich, moist cake coated in smoky toffee fudge. 6" serves ~6-8 pax (950g)8" serves ~12-16 pax (1350g)
    from $48.00 In Stock
  • Beautifully rustic lemon yoghurt cake coated in smooth zesty cream cheese frosting, burnt lemon and a touch of thyme.8" only. (1500g)
    $72.00 In Stock
  • Sinpopo Brand creates a new classic! Silky toffee glaze drips down this rich moist cake made with whole fresh bananas.8" only. (1200g)
    $48.00 In Stock
  • Layers of matcha (green tea) white chocolate custard and matcha fresh cream between moist cake on biscuit crumble, burnished with burnt sugar.6" only. (800g)
    $58.00 In Stock
  • Soft melt-in-your-mouth cake soaked in three kinds of milk, topped with chantilly cream and elegantly adorned with fresh blueberries and pistachios.10" only. (1400g)
    $62.00 In Stock
  • A perfect combination of dark sweet and sour cherries, whipped kirsch and mascarpone cream between layers of moist chocolate cake. 10" only. (1500g)
    $72.00 In Stock
  • A fresh take on the classic kueh dadar, a generous spread of grated coconut tossed in gula melaka  on a beautiful bed of fresh gula melaka cream and elegant sheets of pandan crepe.9" serves ~12-16 pax (1400g)
    $88.00 In Stock
  • Made with luscious cream cheese, our new Basque Burnt Cheesecake has a light and soft centre balanced by its beautifully torched crust.6" only. (500g)
    $42.00 In Stock
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