Ondeh Ondeh Cake

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Expect the same burst of smoky caramel goodness with each bite, recreated with generous amounts of crushed Gula Melaka morsels and light coconut cream.

6" serves ~6-8 pax (950g)
8" serves ~12-16 pax (1350g)

Shelf Life & Storage

Storage Conditions: Please keep the cake refrigerated.

Shelf Life: 2 days from date of delivery.

Ingredients & Allergens
Gluten No
Egg Yes
Dairy Yes
Soy Yes
Nuts No
Alcohol No
Pork/Lard No
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Normal Delivery 10am to 2pm
2pm to 6pm
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More Info

Best Ondeh Ondeh Cake in Singapore

What is soft, chewy and explodes of melted Gula Melaka?

The Ondeh ondeh, of course!

Ondeh ondeh is a sweet glutinous rice ball dessert, filled with Gula Melaka and coated with shredded coconut flakes. Normally served in a pack of four to six, Ondeh ondeh is most commonly found in Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia like Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.

Ondeh ondeh might be a local snack, but have you heard of ondeh ondeh cake?

Sinpopo Brand has taken the traditional snack to another level by providing a unique ondeh ondeh cake which captures all key flavours of the local ondeh ondeh in one cake.

When one indulges in our ondeh ondeh cake, you can expect the same burst of smoky-caramel goodness with each bite coupled with rich gula melaka and light coconut cream.

Sinpopo has the best ondeh ondeh cake in Singapore. When you choose our handcrafted masterpiece, no others can compare! 

The Perfect Cake for Any Occasion

If you want to get something different for your loved one’s birthday or to celebrate a special occasion, why not choose our Ondeh Ondeh cake in Singapore?

Here are three groups of people who would definitely appreciate the Ondeh Ondeh cake for their birthday Singapore.

  1. The Traditionalist: If local flavours are right up their alley, they will absolutely adore the Ondeh Ondeh cake!
  2. The dessert-loving friend: Everyone loves desserts, but the Ondeh Ondeh cake takes it up a notch with the perfect balance between savoury-sweet flavours and textures that will definitely leave your recipient reaching for another slice!
  3. The non-Singaporean: The perfect opportunity to introduce a foreigner friend to one of Singapore’s most popular local dessert, reimagined as a cake!

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  • Ondeh Ondeh Cake

    Expect the same burst of smoky caramel goodness with each bite, recreated with generous amounts of crushed Gula Melaka morsels and light coconut cream.

    6" serves ~6-8 pax (950g)
    8" serves ~12-16 pax (1350g)