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  • Soft, fluffy black rice cake layered with smooth coconut cream and black rice bits, our Pulut Hitam cake is beautifully topped with an authentically made black rice compote.6" serves ~6-8 pax (730g)8" serves ~12-16 pax (1250g)
    from $42.00 UP: ($50) In Stock
  • Discover the nostalgic flavors of Sinpopo Brand in our themed indulgence gift set box. Curated with care, it features a variety of authentic Singaporean treats, blending tradition with modern taste. Share the joy of Sinpopo's culinary heritage with this perfect gift for food enthusiasts.Comes with an Awfully Chocolate Bar,Sinpopo Cookies and Biscuits and...
    $56.00 Per Box In Stock
  • Unwrap the Sinpopo Brand Exquisite Gift Set Box, a treasure trove of Singaporean culinary delights. This curated selection showcases the finest flavors and artisanal treats, celebrating the rich heritage of Singapore's cuisine. Perfect for gifting or savoring the tastes of tradition.Comes with an Awfully Chocolate Bar, Sinpopo Coffee, 4x Sinpopo Cookies...
    $88.00 Per Box In Stock
  • Elevate your gifting with the Sinpopo Brand Majestic Hamper. Overflowing with Singaporean culinary treasures, this opulent collection exudes luxury and tradition. A lavish gift that celebrates the finest flavors, perfect for those who appreciate the extraordinary.Comes with an Awfully Chocolate Bar, Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bar, Sinpopo Coffee, Pandan...
    $118.00 In Stock
  • Sinpopo Brand's Decadence Hamper: Luxe Singaporean delights, artisanal opulence. Elevate gifting with this lavish experience, perfect for those who cherish the finest.Comes with an 3x Chocolate Bar, Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bar, Coffee Bar, Sinpopo Coffee, Pandan Kaya, 4x Sinpopo Cookies & Biscuits, Chocolate Batons and Salted Pistachios.
    $188.00 In Stock
  • In Singapore’s early kampong gardens, calamansi limes and pineapples grew side by side to be picked fresh for use in the kitchen. This marmalade brings them together once again in a new and refreshing way
    $15.00 FOR 2 In Stock
  • A Sip of Singapore comprises of 2 tins of tea, Garden Tea and Orchid Tea. This duo is an apt representation of Singapore, fondly known as a City in a Garden. Tea lovers and travellers will now be able to reminisce upon their special moments created in this beautiful Garden City, with every sip of this enchanting brew.
    $32.00 FOR 2 In Stock
  • This Light and Handy Twin Pack comes in a wooden box of 2 bottles: 1 Virgin Brew Light Soya Sauce and 1 Virgin Brew Dark Soya Sauce. Wooden Box of 2 bottles Volume: 100ml per bottle
    $28.00 FOR 2 In Stock
  • The full creamy vanilla flavour in this pure cane sugar stick makes it a choice pairing for your beverages! Perfect for tea, sparkling water, cocktails, coffee or as a candied treat itself. 2pcs/box
    $5.35 FOR 2 In Stock
  • Apart from its healing properties, Lemongrass is a herb with a subtle tinge of citrus freshness. Serve warm or chilled for a delightfully cooling and tasty refreshment.
    $22.00 In Stock
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