Sinpopo Terms &Conditions


  • All prices are inclusive of GST.
  • All prices are non-negotiable.
  • All prices are not inclusive of delivery charges.


  • Pictures used for cakes might have slight variance to actual product due to possible differences in photo to screen settings.
  • Cakes are best stored refrigerated and best consumed within 2 days of delivery. Sinpopo shall not be held accountable should cakes be kept or stored inappropriately or extensive periods.
  • All cakes may contain gluten, eggs and dairy products. Traces of Nuts might be present in some of the cakes. Sinpopo is not held accountable from any adverse medical conditions/allergies due to the consumption of our products.
  • Non-edible items may be used as decorative pieces for our cakes. Please ensure the non-edible items are removed prior to consumption.
  • Cakes and deserts are non-halal.
  • Orders are subjected to availability.


  • For next day deliveries, all orders have to be one day before hand by 4pm latest.
  • Changes in order must be made 2 days prior to delivery.


  • As our cakes are made specially for your order, there would be no cancellation should any order be place one day before delivery.
  • There would be no refunds for cancellation 1 day before delivery.
  • Cancellation of orders must be made 2 days before date of collection/delivery.
  • Refunds for cancellation 2 days prior to delivery, would be made within 2 – 4 weeks.


Please note that delivery is made by a third party vendor

  • Timings for delivery are as follows:
    • Mon to Sundays (including Public Holidays)
    • 10am – 2pm
    • 2pm – 6pm
  • A signed delivery order would be required upon receiving delivery.
  • Acknowledgement of the delivery order is proof that cakes are received in good condition and in no way should Sinpopo be liable for any damages there-after.
  • Re-delivery charges may apply.
  • Sinpopo shall not be liable or responsible for late deliveries or failure to deliver due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.