All Day Breakfast Tea

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A fragrant floral green tea with subtle hints of crisp sweetness.
Ingredients & Allergens
Gluten No
Egg No
Dairy No
Soy No
Nuts No
Alcohol No
Pork/Lard No
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Refreshing Tea Break Tea

As its name suggests, a definite perk-me-up with its fresh and bold minty kick. Perfect for a mid-day cup in the office as a delightful refreshment.
Cranberry Sunrise Tea

A vibrant blend of black tea infused with the sweet flavour of cranberry and an enticing mix of cranberry pieces, apple pomace, hibiscus blossoms and orange peel. Excellent over ice for a heavenly sweet treat.
Peach Breeze Tea

As its name suggests, this palatable summer blend is a mix of white and green tea, with notes of peach and lychee, ending on a creamy note. The perfect peach iced tea for that sweltering summer day.
Taste of Singapore Tea

Celebrating the rich variety of cultures and races in Singapore, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. has created an exquisite concoction - Taste of Singapore. This blend is a harmonious mix of Ceylon black tea, ginger, mango & pineapple dices, passion fruit and soursop flavouring. Each ingredient representing the flavourful medley of experiences in urban Singapore.
Sip of Singapore

A Sip of Singapore comprises of 2 tins of tea, Garden Tea and Orchid Tea. This duo is an apt representation of Singapore, fondly known as a City in a Garden. Tea lovers and travellers will now be able to reminisce upon their special moments created in this beautiful Garden City, with every sip of this enchanting brew.
Blissful Berries Tea

A magical mix of raspberries, black berries, hibiscus and strawberries. This pleasantly sweet caffeine-free infusion makes it a fruity treat of bliss perfect for any time of the day.
Longan Paradise Tea

Longan is one of our favourite tropical fruits in this lion city. Combined with Ceylon black and green tea, it leaves a beautiful lingering undertone of sweet, fragrant fruitiness.
Ginger Tea

Spice up your day with a zesty cup of Ginger drink, a traditional remedy known for its wide range of health and medicinal benefits. Best enjoyed with a hint of honey and lemon.
Lemongrass Tea

Apart from its healing properties, Lemongrass is a herb with a subtle tinge of citrus freshness. Serve warm or chilled for a delightfully cooling and tasty refreshment.
Jasmine Pearls Tea

An aromatic handmade tea scented with jasmine flowers and presented in the form of precious pearls. A perfect gift to celebrate those precious moments.
Tropics 3-in-1 Set

A collection of our best-selling fruit-flavoured teas inspired by our passion for tropical adventures. Relive your memory of a sunny, tropical holiday while enjoying this range of refreshing fruit teas.
Luxuries 3-in-1 Set

A trio of our best-selling single-estate teas from our Luxuries range. Created specially for moments of indulgence, comprising some of the world's most precious teas.
Orchid 3-in-1 Set

A collection of three signature Ceylon tea blends, specially crafted by the experienced tea masters at The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. A gift set with a touch of local flavours that is a definite crowd pleaser suitable for every occasion.
Lychee Tea

Start your day with a fruity blend of black tea accented with the tropical notes of sweet Lychees.


Available in teabag 24s

Herbals & Blossoms Tea

Blissful Berries: A tantalising blend of raspberries, blackberries,hibiscus and strawberries. A pleasantly sweet, caffeine-free infusion
Anti-stress: A blend of rooibos, chamomile,honeybush,lemon balm,fennel and ginseng root that aids to calm and relax one’s body and mind
Healing Garden: An infusion of immune-boosting herbs such as ginger,lemongrass,lemon peel,ginseng root,spearmint and liquorice

Travel Luggage

Packed to resemble one’s travel luggage, this gift is a fitting memento for visitors seeking to capture the flavourful medley of experiences in urban Singapore.

Contains 16 sachets, 2 sachets of each flavour from our Herbals and Blossoms and Essential range (Chamomile, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Ginger, Classic English Breakfast, Evergreen, All Day Breakfast, Timeless Earl Grey)

Travel Journal

Packed to resemble one’s travel journal, this gift is a fitting memento for visitors seeking to capture the flavourful medley of experiences in urban Singapore.

Contains 16 sachets, 2 sachets of each flavour from our Essentials and Tropics range (English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green Tea, Garden Tea, Passion Fruit, Mango, Lemon and Lychee).  
Chamomile Tea

Wave your worries away with this relaxing blend of Chamomile. Best enjoyed with a hint of honey.

Yunnan Silver Tips

Originating from the birthplace of tea, the classic Yunnan Silver Tips is an elegant choice for a quiet evening of tea appreciation.

Fruitopia (Cold Brew)

Beat the heat with a cup of cold brewed tea. Not only is it refreshing and easy to prepare, it is perfect for parties or simply for your all-day enjoyment. 

Excite your senses with this tropical burst of black tea, dazzled with a stunning array of apple, mango, passionfruit and raspberry pieces. A flavourful blend that is sure to whisk you away.

Summer Passion Fruit (Cold Brew)

Beat the heat with a cup of cold brewed tea. Not only is it refreshing and easy to prepare, it is perfect for parties or simply for your all-day enjoyment. 

Savour the sweet tropical flavour of summer passionfruit. This delicious blend of Ceylon black tea, enriched with the delectable flavour of passionfruit and a dazzling array of marigold flowers, is the perfect treat for any occasion.

Lavender Grey

Not only do lavender flowers look pleasing to the eyes, the addition of blooms in tea adds a pleasant floral fragrance that complements the aroma of Earl Grey tea. This enchanting blend soothes the soul and calms the mind.

Ever-green Tea

A carefully created green tea blend from Ceylon’s finest highland tea gardens. A smooth and delicate tea ideal during and after a meal.

Crunchy Feuilletine

Artisanal dark chocolate made from 70% Dark Chocolate and crisp feuilletine. This deliciously textured bar has notes of dark chocolate roast and a nutty fragrance from the feuilletine.

$11.80 Per Tin
Caramel Brittle & Sea Salt

The perfect balance between premium sea salt and the richness of our caramel, artfully blended with Awfully Chocolate's own creation 45% dark milk chocolate. Regular milk will never be good enough again.

$11.80 Per Tin
Hazelnut Croquant

Roasted hazelnuts pick up the woody notes of our deliciously silky 45% Dark Milk Chocolate, creating a delicious blend with nuances of caramel and hazlenut from the crisp croquant.

$11.80 Per Tin
Salted Roasted Cashews

Savour that lightly soft cashew crunch, exceptional among nuts, with its naturally sweet buttery flavour melding with Awfully Chocolate's versatile 45% Dark Milk Chocolate.

$11.80 Per Tin
Roasted Black Glutinous Rice

Delicious fragrance in every mouthful, the roasted black rice heightens the 45% Dark Milk chocolate with distinct Asian notes. Our recommendation for anyone who wants to know how chocolate can taste uniquely Singaporean!

$11.80 Per Tin
Baked Almond Streusel

This gourmet 70% Dark Chocolate allures with the honeyed woody notes of crispened almond nutmeat.

$11.80 Per Tin
Strawberries & Cream

We apparently have a 16th century Cardinal to thank for the first serving of strawberries and cream, but we think Henry VIII could have preferred ours - a generous heaping of tangy strawberry raptures the velvety white chocolate. You'll never eat white chocolate on its own again.

$11.80 Per Tin

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