Sinpopo Brand, which started with simple nostalgic food, has a new menu and new décor to match. Much more than a coffee shop now, our menu boasts our personal renditions of your familiar local dishes. Enjoy a casual weekend snacking on our unique luncheon crisps and crispy crab wontons, or have a dinner date over our beautiful mains of house special Nasi Lemak and bone-in pork chop with curry sauce. Don’t forget to top it all off with your favourite Durian Pengat with Coconut Ice Cream and Gula Melaka Soft Jelly (now served with handmade gula drops and coconut cream)! 

Sinpopo Brand was started as an ode to Katong and its heritage. In the late 60’s, Katong was well-known for its unique peranakan culture and cuisine. Today, Katong is completely different. With a plethora of Western food and the heritage businesses being crowded out. We felt the need to put the Katong back in Katong and to have something with distinct local touches. 

Developed by those behind Awfully Chocolate, Sinpopo Brand also has its own range of local desserts such as the Gula Melaka Cake, Pandan Tart and Durian Pengat Cake. The drinks list has also grown to include a long-lost Katong drink – Katong Jelly, Canned Rambutan and Kopi Macchiato, which is an Italian-style coffee made with local kopi gao using the traditional kopi sock. 

Like all our stores and restaurants, Sinpopo Brand was designed by us as we’ve always believed that we are the best people to build our brand. So even though we may take a longer time, we feel proud that we did it ourselves and the stores look exactly the way we wanted it to be. In fact, the unique cutlery stand and wall quotes, which you can see in the store, are made in-house by us! That’s how much we want Sinpopo Brand to be uniquely ours for you to enjoy a great experience each visit.