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Gift your corporate clients and partners the best modern Singapore mooncakes

Dazzle your business customers and associates with Sinpopo Brand’s first mooncake collection, crafted with thoughtful recipes in stylish contemporary wooden rattan weave chests. Each Sinpopo Brand Mid-Autumn Collection has four exquisite mooncakes meticulously crafted with fine ingredients and creative pairings that highlight the best of Singapore flavours with a touch of luxe. The look is completed with an elegant matching suede-finish bag. 

Gift Sinpopo Brand’s Luxury Mooncakes

Choose Sinpopo Brand’s inaugural mooncake collection for your finest gifting with mooncakes thoughtfully crafted with a creative flair. Each Sinpopo Brand Mid-Autumn Collection boasts four different baked mooncakes, and matching elegant mooncake tins with gold detailing. Presented in stylish grey and gold contemporary wooden rattan weave chests, they are sure to impress at mooncake gifting! Each part of the Mid-Autumn Collection is designed to be reusable and they make premium keepsakes for earth-friendly gifting. 

If variety is desired, Sinpopo’s modern Singapore mooncakes will surely delight you with creative pairing of flavours. 

Sinpopo’s Gula Melaka Mooncake (新泡泡著名椰糖月饼)

Sinpopo Brand’s signature Gula Melaka shines in premium white lotus, glowing in natural rose tint.  

Kaya Matcha Single Yolk (咖椰抹茶单黄)

An irresistible combination of luscious pandan kaya custard and matcha green tea skin - velvety smooth texture with an interesting balance of sweetness and umami. 

Black Gold Double Yolk (黑金双黄)

Enveloped in a classic healthful charcoal skin, filled with Portugese golden custard and two perfect yolks. 

Five Treasures in White Lotus (五仁白莲蓉)

A contemporary twist on the traditional Wu Ren (五仁) mooncake. Sinpopo Brand’s version offers a delightful mix of cranberries, golden fruit, toasted pumpkin seeds, almond and hazelnut encased in premium white lotus.


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