Handcrafted Festive Cakes 

Only available in December, we have fresh bakes for every occasion this year-end — from cosy gatherings and festive dinner parties,
to thoughtful gifts for your nearest and dearest.

We are proud to introduce a show-stopping Christmas cake collection which includes the best Christmas fruit cake,
decadent log cakes and many new festive creations that are sure to tantalise your taste buds.
Get first dibs on our artisanal cakes and pre-order for your colleagues, family and friends online now!
Be spoilt for choice when you pick from both our favourite Sinpopo Originals and the Christmas Classics (with a twist!) range which boasts five cakes: Red Velvet with Caramel Cream Cheese, Black Cocoa Devil’s Food Cake, Christmas Cherry Log Cake, Boozy Nutella Brownie and the traditional, seasonal best-seller Sinpopo Brand Fruit Cake.
We’re proud to feature a sumptuous Gula Melaka Log Cake this year — your tropical Christmas will not be complete without a beautiful Singapore log cake handmade with fresh local ingredients rooted firmly in the traditional flavours of Southeast Asian Gula Melaka!
Let our luscious handcrafted cakes be the perfect cherry on top of your celebrations and casual get-togethers. Available for pre-order now.
  • Sinpopo Brand’s Sticky Date Pudding Cake is specially dressed for Christmas just this month! Crowned with berries and fresh thyme, this intensely moist bundt is baked with a generous helping of medjool dates and glazed in a smoky toffee fudge.8”- Serves 12-16pax
    $68.00 In Stock
  • Making its debut this festive month, our decadent 70% black cocoa cake is stacked with sinfully dark chocolate ganache between its layers and topped with juicy fresh blackberries. 8”- Serves 12-16pax
    $98.00 In Stock
  • Fresh, fluffy dessert rolls all cozied up in sticky, gooey cinnamon goodness and slathered with caramelised cream cheese frosting. Perfect for making your December mornings sweeter!8”- Serves 8-10pax
    $42.00 In Stock
  • Melt-in-your mouth fudgy Nutella brownies laced in a cocktail of rum & brandy. This is a must-have dessert for all your year-end gatherings!10”- Serves 12-16pax
    $108.00 In Stock
  • Singapore’s first Three-Milk Cake oozes glorious milk with every slice of its light and fluffy sponge. Adorned generously with fresh berries and sugar snow just for this special season!10”x 4" - Serves 12-16pax
    $78.00 In Stock
  • With salty-sweet caramel swirled in light cream cheese between soft cake layers, make our Red Velvet cake your stunning centrepiece in every celebration this season!8" - Serves 12-16pax
    $88.00 In Stock
  • A delicious ensemble of Christmas bread rolls baked in silky vanilla egg custard with hints of cinnamon, finished off with a dusting of sugar snow and sweet raspberries — perfect as a thoughtful family gift or beautiful picnic tea!7" - Serves 12-16pax
    $42.00 In Stock
  • Gorgeously moist chocolate cake with sweet dark cherries, tangy cherry compote and dark chocolate fudge, draped in light Kirsch cream.  A classic Christmas treat.  10"x 4" - Serves 12-16pax
    $98.00 In Stock
  • This cake is a celebration stunner! Vanilla lemon cake with refreshing zesty citrus, stacked high and topped off with sweet vanilla cream cheese frosting, caramelised lemon, a refreshing mix of berries and a touch of fresh aromatic thyme.8" - Serves 12-16pax
    $78.00 In Stock
  • Handcrafted exclusively for the gifting season, our Christmas roulade is generously stuffed with cherries and luscious vanilla cream, and delicately rolled in gorgeous, melt-in-your-mouth meringue.8" - Serves 12-16pax
    $68.00 In Stock
  • The only time of the year you can indulge in the classic Sinpopo Christmas Fruit Cake! Experience true blue Yuletide yumminess through the melange of warm spices, with tart and sweet fruit preserves laced in premium brandy.6" - Serves 6-8pax
    $58.00 In Stock
  • Beautifully burnt on the outside, this rustic cousin of the traditional New York cheesecake is fluffy, light, creamy at its core, and always dressed to impress. 6" - Serves 6-8pax
    $42.00 In Stock
  • Sinpopo Brand’s annual Christmas classic, our original Gula Melaka Log Cake makes its festive appearance as your tropical Christmas must-have! Soft gula melaka-infused moist cake rolled with fresh gula melaka coconut cream and draped in smoky gula melaka fudge. 8" - Serves 12-16pax
    $68.00 In Stock
  • In Singapore, Christmas green means kaya! Handmade luscious pandan kaya spread over blue pea flower-tinged rice cake and layered with fresh coconut cream. 8" - Serves 12-16pax
    from $48.00 In Stock
  • Soft black rice cake layered between gula melaka-infused black glutinous rice coconut cream and coated in fragrant toasted coconut. 8" - Serves 12-16pax
    from $48.00 In Stock
  • Enjoy this tropical snowy cake with dreamy soft layers coupled with gula melaka sprinkles and grated coconut,  elevating the humble steamed putu piring to a gorgeous new creation! 8" - Serves 12-16pax
    from $48.00 In Stock
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