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Excite your loved ones with a hit of nostalgia.
Souvenirs that truly represents Singapore, with unique, modern interpretations of locally-inspired desserts

Sinpopo Brand has created a unique range of handmade premium local delights that make excellent gifts for both locals and foreign friends who want an actual taste of Singapore.

Singapore might be a food paradise but where can you find equally good nibbles and souvenirs inspired by the same flavours?

Sinpopo Brand has created a unique range of handmade premium local delights that make excellent gifts for both locals and foreign friends who want an actual taste of Singapore.

When you browse our website, you will find interesting local delights that are modern interpretations of locally inspired flavours that truly represent Singapore. Some highlights include our Salted Egg Yolk Cookies with Curry Leaves and Gula Melaka Kaya. The best part is - these goodies can be enjoyed all year round! Have a taste of Singapore’s local traditional offerings and relish in the flavours of the past!

A Gift Guide of Singapore Handmade Premium Delicious Bakes

Are you looking for handmade premium local delights to gift? For the sweet tooth, the best local delights you can find in Singapore are indeed its traditional desserts! We have a gift guide to help you get started.

  • For the visiting friend: it is always nice to present the visitor with a gift that represents Singapore – both in taste and better if made locally. To make his trip to Singapore extra memorable, gift a jar of Gula Melaka Kaya - Asia’s own jam spread!

  • For a housewarming party: don’t forget to get a gift for the host! Choose from flavourful Salted Egg Yolk Cookies with Curry Leaves or delectable Gula Melaka Cookies! Can’t decide which one to get, why not get one of each flavour to share at the party?

About Sinpopo

Sinpopo Brand is an ode to Katong and its heritage. Today, the area has evolved. With heritage businesses being crowded out in Singapore, Sinpopo Brand aims to keep its unique Peranakan culture and local cuisine alive by sprucing up old traditional recipes of desserts and delights to keep them relevant.


Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.

  • An exclusive collaboration with Glory, these Premium Pineapple Tarts with their buttery golden pastry and caramelised pineapple jam are an absolute must-have for this lunar new year!390g
    $28.00 Per Jar In Stock
  • Moreish cookies crafted with savoury salted egg yolk garnished with aromatic curry leaves. Sinpopo Brand’s all time best-seller will undoubtedly be a big hit with everyone.180g
    $18.00 Per Jar In Stock
  • A divine combination of dried shrimp and spices, these morsels of savoury goodness will leave a delectable umami taste with each bite.170g
    $18.00 SOLD OUT
  • Made with Southeast Asia’s finest natural palm sugar, each bite of Sinpopo Brand’s Gula Melaka cookies is filled with fragrant gula melaka smokiness.160g
    $18.00 Per Jar In Stock
  • Immensely addictive buttery crumbly bites with a delicate pandan kaya that’s sure to delight!190g
    $18.00 Per Jar In Stock
  • Sinpopo Brand's coffee cookies are a staple in any home or office pantry. This pleasant creation is a definite pick-me-up at any time of the day!176g
    $18.00 Per Jar In Stock
  • These bite-sized parcels deliver a perfect balance of nutty and buttery tastes. Get in the holiday spirit with a cookie that will have everyone feeling festive!211g
    $18.00 Per Jar In Stock
  • Slow cooked thick coconut custard, laced with fresh Pandan. Just like how our grandmothers made it!380g
    $12.00 Per Jar In Stock
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