Handcrafted Festive Cookies 

Introducing Sinpopo Brand’s largest Chinese New Year cookie collection yet! This year, we have a total of 6 festive delights that will leave your family and friends wanting more. From your favourite Chinese New Year staples to timeless local flavours infused into cookies, indulge in the fabulous range of our moreish treats this season.

Enjoy our local Chinese New Year goodies, made with premium ingredients and perfect for gifting. From the traditional Love Letters to unique Hae Bi Hiam cookies, indulge in a galore of festive treats made specially for this season. 

An exclusive collaboration with Glory, Sinpopo Brand’s Premium Pineapple Tarts — exquisitely redesigned with our lockable airtight jars — are sold only in Sinpopo Brand outlets and here.
  • Sinpopo Brand’s all time best-seller will undoubtedly be a big hit with your guests this New Year!190g
    $24.00 Per Jar In Stock
  • A divine combination of dried shrimp and spices, these morsels of savoury goodness will leave a delectable umami taste lingering in your mouth after each bite.170g
    $24.00 Per Jar In Stock
  • Buttery golden pastry with a lovely caramelised pineapple jam center, Glory’s best-seller is a must-have treat for your guests.390g
    $28.00 Per Jar In Stock
  • Made with Southeast Asia’s finest natural palm sugar, each bite of Sinpopo Brand’s Gula Melaka cookies is filled with fragrant gula melaka smokiness.160g
    $24.00 Per Jar In Stock
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